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Annual Readership:
Big Island Aloha Guide: 1,170,000
Maui Visitor Guide: 1,440,000
Kauai Visitor 1,008,000
Oahu Visitor 2,340,000

Reader Demographic:
17 or under 11%
18-34 16%
35-54 40%
55- + 33%

Female 52%
Male 48%

Household Income: $25k - $50k 22%
$50k - $75k 29%
$75k - $100k 25%
$100 k + 24%

Average Length
of Stay:

10.34 nights



Aloha Visitor Guides

Aloha Visitor Guides are published monthly by Morakis Inc., owned and operated by Chris Morakis, Publisher. The guides provide the visitor to the state of Hawaii information on things to do, places to eat, and much more information about the islands. Aloha Visitor Guides currently prepares and distributes three physical publications named "Aloha - Maui Visitor Guide," "Aloha - Big Island Visitor Guide and "Aloha - Kauai Visitor Guide," in addition to having web presence via

Chris has been involved with publishing since 2004. He began his multi-faceted career after graduating with a degree in chemistry from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill that started in pharmaceuticals manufacturing. In 1988 he took his family and moved to Maui in Hawaii leaving his home state of North Carolina.

Initially working on Maui as a painter (house type) for about 1 ½ years, he landed a job with Maui Pineapple Company, working in various management positions. His career at Maui Pineapple culminated with the position of Quality Control Manager. After 15+ years of pineapple, he elected to leave the company and entered the world of publishing, becoming publisher in early 2010. Pharmaceuticals, painting, pineapple, publishing – notice the trend?

I, along with those that help to put everything together, thoroughly enjoy the opportunity we are provided in preparing what we believe are very useful and informative guides for those visiting the beautiful 50th State. We hope that you too find them helpful! As we always look for ways to improve, we would be happy to hear from you via with any comments you may have.

A hui ho!
Chris Morakis