Big Island Visitor Magazine - Hawaiian Hot Stone Massage



Elemental Yet Extraordinary

Illi illi stones pounded and washed smooth by the tumbling force of ocean waves….And the ancient healing practice of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage dating back to over 1,000 years ago. It is the combination of these most simple, yet so powerful, elements that goes into “Pohaku Wela Lomi,” otherwise known as Hawaiian Hot Stone Massage.

Throughout the generations, native Hawaiians have used basalt lava stones for both physical and spiritual healing. Today this tradition not only honors but also echoes these same practices of days long past. As the massage begins the hot stones are placed specifically over the energy centers of the body, tucked in and around, as well as sometimes being laid underneath.

Stress and muscle tension melt away under the weight and heat of the stones while emotional and mental comfort is achieved through their incredible “mana” or life-force energy which is often described as “deeply nurturing and grounding.”




This mind, body, spirit connection promotes a sense of well-being establishing a powerful sense of reconnection to our beloved Mother Earth.

Collected right here on the big Island of Hawaii, these same stones while opening the body’s energy centers also allows for a slow deep penetrating massage that not only stimulates circulation, but also aids the body in eliminating toxins. This revitalization process invigorates the entire body bringing with it both a sense of health and well-being and also an inner contentment or calming of the soul.

Pohaku Wela Lomi or Hawaiian Hot Stone Massage is a beautiful fusion of many ancient Hawaiian healing practices and techniques combining the healing power of the Pohaku Wela (hot stones) and Lomi Lomi (traditional Hawaiian massage) with aromatic oils for a truly heavenly experience