Kauai ATV Tours - Less Road Traveled

With over 22,000 acres of private land to explore, Kauai All Terrain Vehicle Tours (742-2734) offers the ultimate experience on Kauai. Located on Koloa Plantation, the oldest sugar mill in all of Hawaii, old sugarcane trails wind from a secluded beach, through the Ha'upu mountain range, over streams, to waterfalls, and to the base of the Kahili mountain range. Get a glimpse of the road less traveled when you choose one of 6 daily off-road tours.

Guides begin each tour with a lesson on how to operate the easily controlled, 4-wheeled, 400cc Yamaha ATVs or the fully automatic, two-seater dune buggy (the "Mud Bug"). When you've successfully completed the proficiency course, you're ready to take off and explore the plantation with your guide.

Uneasy about controlling your own vehicle, Kauai ATV offers guide-driven vehicles on the Mud Hog or the Pinzgauer, perfect for those wishing to sit back and enjoy the landscapes.

The Koloa Tour begins at the historic Koloa Sugar Mill on the island's south side and weaves through 15 miles of former sugarcane plantation roads. You will cut through the heart of the Ha'upu Mountain Range by way of a half-mile tunnel that opens to a majestic view of Ha'upu Valley, a popular movie site.

Continue on the tour riding past old cane fields to the Waita Reservoir, the largest inland body of water in Hawaii, through the lush tropical forest, and to Survey Point, where you have an elevated 360 degree view of the plantation, ocean, and surrounding towns. Tours depart at 9:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. Monday through Sunday and lasts 3 hours. Snacks and drinks provided.

The Waterfall Tour is the ultimate off-road adventure taking you to two private cascades located at the heart of the Kahili Mountain Range as well as exploring the south side of the plantation.

Upon arrival at our 15-ft. waterfall, a gourmet lunch will be served after which you can refresh yourself under the waterfall. If you plan on going swimming in the waterfalls, towels, sunblock, and water-friendly shoes are a must. Waterfall tours begin at 7am, 8am, 12pm, and 1pm and last approximately 4 hours.

Kauai ATV's fleet of off-road vehicles offers fun for the whole family. Their 4-passenger dune buggies (the "Ohana Bug") accommodate kids 5 and up. While you enjoy the landscape and red dirt, your guide will navigate the vehicle through sugarcane fields and over mountains. For the more adventurous duo, the two-seater fully automatic dune buggies (the "Mud Bug") offers the excitement of driving your own vehicle, while sharing the experience with someone else.

It's perfect for a parent and their child or couples. Kauai ATV's newest addition, the 10-passenger Pinzgauer is a military grade transporter that goes to locations other vehicles don't dare. Guide-driven, the Pinzgauer is the ultimate in all terrain family adventures. On all vehicles drivers must be 16 years and older, while passengers must be at least 5 years old. For those seeking smaller groups, private tours are available.