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By Cathy Crary, Kauai Magazine

Safety First for the Thrill of a Lifetime

While soaring over the exquisite beauty of the island of Kauai, safety is the highest priority for Will Squyres. He is the owner of Will Squyres Helicopter Tours and, with the help of his wife Rhonda, has been in business since 1984.

Helicopter tours are the best way to see the entire island in all its fabulous emerald, red and turquoise glory.
A flightseeing tour in one of Will Squyres' air-conditioned ASTAR 350's (the Mercedes-Benz of touring copters) is a great way to experience a bird's eye view of Kauai.

These helicopters are built with custom bubble windows that make every seat the best seat in the house. Add a perfect safety record and experienced pilots (Will himself has logged more than 21,000 flying hours), and you have all the ingredients for an unforgettable, even spiritual airborne experience.

Will first became interested in flying while observing the Civil Air Patrol’s (C.A.P.) fixed-wing operations when he was a 16-year-old living in Arizona. At 19 he enlisted in the U.S. Army. After flying both helicopters and fixedwings, Will knew helicopters were his love.

At the end of 1969, Will traveled to Kauai and met Jack Harter (the first helicopter tour operator on Kauai) and his wife Bev. Jack suggested Will get some civilian helicopter experience. Will went to California, but there wasn’t much helicopter work, so he began working in oil fields. After a couple of years, Will had saved enough money to travel the United States in a camper. Eventually, Will joined an aircraft company giving tours of the Grand Canyon.

In 1980, Will returned to Kauai and flew helicopter tours for a couple of local companies. Unhappy with their operations, Will left Kauai to take a tuna boat spotting position out of Recife, Brazil. This career detour turned out to be a godsend, in that he missed Hurricane Iwa (1982) and was able to return with enough money to finally start his own business.

To preserve excellent service and safety, Will Squyres Helicopter Tours has remained a 3 or 4-helicopter operation. Their belief is that a smaller company has better control and, therefore, can provide the best overall experience for the guest. Maintenance of the equipment is paramount, and all helicopters are scrupulously inspected until both pilot and mechanic are satisfied.

Will Squyres' pilots knowledge of the island and its legends enhances every flight. The company has long been the choice of movie producers for location scouting. Every site that Will recommended for Universal Pictures' Jurassic Park was used in the blockbuster movie. Naturally, all guests benefit from this thorough knowledge of Kauai's varied landscapes.

Will has enjoyed the many years of flying, but what gives him special pleasure is seeing the joy and the heartfelt emotion his guests experience. He is most proud of the way his ohana (extended family), have made the business their kuleana (own area of expertise). Maybe they all like flying and working with a pilot who fell in love with flying at age 19. The professional love of Will's life has become the thrill of a lifetime for visitors who take flight with Will Squyres over the paradise that is Kauai.

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