From Pineapple Plantation to Posh Privacy

Located in the center of the island chain, Lana‘i is the 6th largest of the Hawaiian Islands, approx. 13 mi. wide and 18 mi. long. Lana‘i enjoys a protected location, with the island of Moloka‘i and Maui to the north, and Kaho‘olawe to the east. The island's vibrant ethnic population is approx. 3,200.

Once known as the Pineapple Island, when the Hawaiian Pineapple Company (later Dole) operated pineapple plantations on almost 20,000 acres, Lana‘i is now dubbed Hawaii’s most secluded island.

In the 1980s entrepreneur David Murdock transformed the failing agricultural operations into a world-class travel destination, while maintaining the majority of the island's landscape, historical artifacts and overall mood of mystery.

The island's unusual beauty is most apparent in its contrast from vividly colorful and lush, to forbiddingly stark; from sunny white-sand beaches, to mist-covered, rugged, pine forest; from rustic charm to casual elegance.

Lana‘i boasts two world-class resorts, each with a championship golf course, nestled into vastly different environments.The resorts embrace the breadth of Lana‘i’s many natural mountain and ocean wonders, preserving the native flavor and culture while presenting the highest standards of excellence to island visitors.


The Lana‘i Ferry
For the past 15 years EXPEDITIONS has been providing the most reliable, affordable transportation between the islands of Maui and Lana‘i. Local residents and visitors alike enjoy their short trip across the ‘Au‘au Channel aboard Expeditions’ fast, United States Coast Guard-certified vessels.

Aboard Expeditions you’ll enjoy views of Maui County, including the islands of Maui, Lana‘i, Moloka‘i and Kaho‘olawe. On a clear day you may even see the Big Island of Hawai‘i, and during the season (January-April) you’ll marvel at the record number of Humpback whales we share the ocean with during our voyage.

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