Is a community based effort sponsored by The Lahaina Cruise Company, and features a new “Research Direct Program”. This program is funded through voluntary contributions for research. Hawaii Ocean Project aims at focusing the new Research Direct Program towards genuine, well-established and peer-reviewed researchers.

To achieve this goal, all funds collected for Hawaii Ocean Project will directly support research. Hawaii Ocean Project currently hosts whale watches, along with many other ocean excursions aboard the Island Princess, the Maui Princess, the Molokai Princess and the Kaulana. They offer onboard naturalists who share insight into the marine environment. These vessels are large, stable and comfortable, and offer unsurpassed viewing opportunities.


Hawaii Ocean Project's team works extremely hard to educate visitors and residents on Hawaii’s marine life, ecosystem and endangered species, while delivering a visually unique and memorable ocean excursion. The program also supports direct research efforts on the general well-being of the endangered green sea turtle (honu) and humpback whale (na kohola).

We encourage you to come and participate aboard Maui's most comfortable boats departing from West Maui's sheltered and calm Lahaina Harbor. For reservations and information please call 877-500-6284