What We Mean When We Say A-L-O-H-A
By Josephine Keli'ikipi



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A stands for the word 'aloha,' meaning welcome, what I have you may share with me.

L stands for the Hawaiian words 'loko maikai', which means, what I've said comes from my heart and with good intentions.

O stands for the Hawaiian word 'oluolu', meaning happy. This is part of our heritage of happy people happily doing for others.

H stands for the Hawaiian word 'ha`aha'a', meaning humility and meekness. We welcome you, we do things for you because we enjoy doing it, and we are very humble to serve.

A stands for the Hawaiian words 'a-a ka maka', which means, our eyes are wide open but our lips are sealed. If you have taken all from us, who is to say, for we knew what we were doing.

This is the true meaning of 'aloha' as I learned it years ago. I must caution you, however, to say it only when you feel this in your heart.