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Greetings, Brah. Local style is to throw your chin up and slightly to the side when greeting a friend. A "Howzit" can be added.

• Shaka sign is good for you. Press your three middle fingers down to your palm. Let the pinky and thumb spread out. That's the shaka sign and it means, "Hang Loose" or take it easy.

• It's only sleeping. Technically, Haleakala is an "inactive" volcano. It erupted 200 years ago but that is a blink of an eye in geological time. While rare rumblings are felt on Maui, the active volcanoes are all on the Big Island of Hawaii.


No Roads. Although you pay federal tax on gasoline on Maui, we don't have any true federal highways.

Rare Plants. Silversword plants only grow on the upper slopes of Haleakala. They are protected so look but don't touch.

• Pele wouldn't like that. Don't even think about taking home a rock from Maui. Legend says the wrath of Pele will follow you home and make your life miserable. Every day boxes containing rocks are returned to Maui by mail... just to stop otherwise inexplicable bad luck.