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Do get used to hearing directions with the terms mauka (toward the mountain) or makai (toward the sea) rather than north and south. (Example: Halama Street is makai of South Kihei Road.)

• Don't leave food in your car unless you really like traveling with cockaroaches.

• Don't honk. It is considered rude to honk your horn in traffic on Maui.

• Do turn right on a red light if you stop at the intersection first.

Don't drive in the bike lanes on Piilani Highway in Kihei. Piilani only has one lane in each direction, but drivers often assume otherwise.

• Don't be so sure you know where you are! Holua Drive (Kahului) is not Holua Place (Kuau). Maui street names can be difficult to read... but getting lost can be an adventure. It's easy to mistake similar looking names; for instance Ulumau Place for Ulumalu Road. If you think it will take 20 minutes to get to the restaurant, give yourself 40 minutes so you don't lose your seat.

• Do explore the beautiful beaches just a few feet from the pavement in places like Olowalu and Kihei. Just use extreme caution when pulling on or off the highway.


• Do take note of the red and yellow markers in the shape of Hawaiian alii warriors along the roads. They mark historical landmarks and sites of interest.

• Do pull over if you spot a whale. It is tempting, but so very unsafe, to watch the whales while traveling down the highway.

• Do make lots of stops at the parks along the road to Hana. This is the safest way to drive, besides being the best way to soak your senses with the smells and feel of the land. Before you embark on the journey, pick up a narrated cassette tape and all the necessary picnic makings.

• Do not ride the brakes going down Haleakala. Try downshifting, by using a lower gear, well before the car gets going too fast.

• Don't drive over a flooded road. It may look like just an inch, but cars have been washed away in fast moving water during sudden downpours.