As a guest of Hawaii, a big part of your visitor experience is choosing from the multitude of fun and exciting activities available statewide.

The Activities & Attractions Association of Hawaii (A3H) wants to help ensure that your Hawaii vacation is an incredible collection of memories and stories to last a lifetime, offering programs and consumer information designed with the active traveler in mind.

With more than 200 members statewide, A3H offers a wide range of adventures to enjoy Hawaii by land, sea or air. Sport fishing, parasailing, nature hikes and helicopter tours are just a sampling of the activities being offered.


A3H’s guidebooks are provided to help decide which activities and attractions are perfect for you and your party.

The association’s toll-free consumer hotline (1-800-398-9698) is available to make suggestions about attractions or inquire about members.

For more information about A3H or its members, please call (808) 871-7947 or toll-free at 1- 800-398-9698. Most of all, enjoy your stay and have fun in Hawaii!